Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching — A Partnership Between the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education
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Why Instructional Mentoring?

Instructional mentoring provides essential supports for instructional coaches, schools, districts and Intermediate Units across Pennsylvania. These include:

  • One on one and group professional development
  • Evidentiary-based instructional strategies
  • Tools and resources
  • Analytical skills for improving programs and practices
  • Facilitation and communication skills
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Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaching has emerged as a promising strategy for increasing student achievement and affecting education reform nationwide. Extensive research suggests that teacher quality is the most significant factor affecting student achievement, and teachers who participate in quality professional development advance teaching skills which can lead to improved student achievement (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2006). Research also indicates that teachers who are supported by instructional coaches are more likely to implement newly learned instructional strategies (University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning). PAHSCI’s instructional coaching model provides support to enhance teacher quality with: meaningful professional development tied to standards, curriculum, research, and best practices; follow-up support to effectively implement new learning; and scaffolding that encourages reflective practices and instruction.

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