Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching — A Partnership Between the Annenberg Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education
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PIIC offers three statewide professional learning opportunities each year:  fall, winter, and spring. Our events are designed for instructional coaches, instructional mentors, and other school and district leaders from PIIC participating intermediate units. 

Coaches will learn how to provide continuous support through consultation, modeling, guided practice, and reflective feedback; how to build teacher capacity through one-on-one, small group and whole faculty professional learning; and how to use a variety of evidence-based literacy strategies, instructional techniques, and formative assessment practices designed to help coaches model rigorous, high-quality instruction.

The professional learning opportunities will help coaches:
  • Identify strategies for working with adult learners
  • Help teachers re-focus time on task
  • Understand the process of co-teaching, modeling, and demonstrating units of student with teachers
  • Collaborate with teachers and school leaders to co-design and co-facilitate school wide/district/IU wide professional learning
  • Foster cross district/cross IU visitations
  • Engage in peer coaching
  • Plan and facilitate study groups
  • Promote an understanding of the PA Standards Aligned System, 21st century skills and the resiliency approach to student learning

Upcoming events...

The dates listed below are for PIIC Statewide Professional Learning Opportunities. The dates for Regional Mentor Coordinator meetings and Monthly Mentor-Coach meetings are decided at the local level.

  There are no events at this time