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  • Curriculum Mapping Planner: Templates, Tools, and Resources for Effective Professional Development, ASCD, 2009. By Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Ann Johnson.
“Whether you’re introducing curriculum mapping for the first time or working with teachers and administrators who are well into the process, the manual’s collection of templates, samples, and tools helps you:
  • Establish the rationale for mapping.
  • Ensure long-term support for curriculum mapping.
  • Create quality maps for the first time or review and improve existing ones.
  • Connect curriculum maps to assessment data, instructional strategies, and school improvement efforts."
  • Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development In Our Schools, Corwin Press, 2009.  By Eleanor Drago-Severson.
This learning-oriented model of school leadership details four Pillar Practices for helping adults grow throughout their careers: teaming, providing leadership roles, collegial inquiry, and mentoring.
  • Building Teachers' Capacity for Success: A Collaborative Approach for Coaches and School Leaders, ASCD, 2008. By Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral.
"This is an incredibly practical argument for just how school people need to work to improve classroom instruction. The authors have 'been there, done that' when it comes to school improvement, and their Continuum of Self-Reflection is a wonderful scheme for keeping everyone focused on the things that really matter." —Richard Allington
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  • ASCD
Formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, ASCD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership association provides expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.
  • PLS 3rd Learning
PLS 3rd Learning, Inc. offers products and services for educators to become more effective in the art of teaching through technology.  PLS 3rd Learning is currently in partnership with many state and university education departments.

  • Phi Delta Kappa International
Phi Delta Kappa International is the premier professional association for educators. For more than 100 years, it has focused its work on the tenets of service, research, and leadership. PDK publishes the highly-regarded Phi Delta Kappan, the No. 1 education policy magazine, and sponsors the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

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