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  • Culture of Coaching: Change Thinking... Change Practice... Change Schools

    PIIC Executive Director Ellen Eisenberg uses the Culture of Coaching: Change Thinking... Change Practice... Change Schools blog as a forum to discuss all instructional coaching hot topics.  Readers are encouraged to engage in discussions on the site to learn from one another and to further their own practice.

  • PIIC Instructional Coaching Resource Guide

    New to instructional coaching? Want to learn more about instructional coaching and mentoring? The time has come…PIIC's newest resource, The Instructional Coaching Resource Guide, is now available. The purpose of this guide is to provide mentors and instructional coaches with a powerful set of materials to help them practice their craft. Register today!

Presentation materials from our professional development opportunities are posted on our wiki space. 

Handout from the July 2010 Classroom Management session facilitated by IU PIIC Mentor, Lynne Fedorcha. Defines the 5 “categories” from Randy Sprick's CHAMPs program that can be used to guide teachers to establishing effective classroom management routines, procedures, and expectations.

This article was used in the July 2010 Non-evaluative reflection - Internal vs. External Questions session facilitated by Bruce Eisenberg and Kathy Gori. The article examines the value of reflection as a meaningful way of approaching learning about teaching in order to develop a better understanding of teaching and teacher education.

Nate Martin, Assistant Principal at SciTech High School in Harrisburg, PA explained how he and the coaches and teachers at SciTech implement learning walks. These slides were presented at the PIIC Professional Development on July 27, 2010.

This packet contains a description of, and worksheets to use while implementing the Before/During/After (BDA) cycle of instructional coaching.

From Dr. Rita Bean, University of Pittsburgh

This PowerPoint was recently presented at the High School Reform Conference in State College, PA by Ellen Eisenberg, PIIC Executive Director, Diane Hubona, Literacy Coach and IU 8 PIIC mentor and Tammy Miller, Instructional Coach, Chestnut Ridge HS. The presentation gives a brief introduction about what PIIC is, how coaching impacts teaching practices, and why the instrucitonal mentor is an integral part of this professional development model.

Learning Walks are a part of the continual professional development cycle at your site.  It is an organized walk-through of school halls and classrooms using the Principles of Learning to focus on the instructional core. 

This document breaks down the core PIIC elements into a matrix designed to help a coach or mentor reflect on his or her practice.

Our private social network for instructional coaches, mentors and school leaders involved in PIIC.


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